A simple & effective penis curvature correction (PubMed)

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A Penis Extender easy to use for Peyronie´s Disease

Andropeyronie device for Peyronie disease

Andropeyronie® is a penis extender device specifically developed to help improve curved or bent penises and Peyronie’s disease, as well as associated penis shortening. Andropeyronie® is a friendly Peyronie‘s treatment, which uses the new tech Androsupport® and Androcomfort® (PubMed).

€199 / $199
149 £ / 249 AU$-CA$



A Penis Extender easy to use for Peyronie´s Disease


Reduce Penis Curvature


And pain reduction (JSM)


Increase Penis Length

+1,5 cm (0.4″)*

*Results will vary with each individual (JSM)


Safer Results

ANDROPEYRONIE provides safer results and improves sexual function (JSM)


YES! It is for you!
+1,000,000 Satisfied Users in 20 years

Satisfaction based on clinical study: JSM

A simple & effective penis curvature correction (PubMed)


A safe & effective penis curvature treatment (JSM)

The Journal of


“Penile traction therapy (PTT) seems an effective treatment for the acute phase (AP) of Peyronie’s disease (PD) in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.”

Dr. Martínez-Salamanca, Urologist, Universitary Hospital PdH, Spain

doctor Salamanca for Peyronie disease

Use of Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease. Results of a Phase II Prospective Study. Dr. Gontero (Italy). Read Study.

Can an External Penis Stretcher Reduce Peyronie’s Penile Curvature?. Dr. Colpi (Italy). Read Study.

Treatment with penile retraction in evolutive Peyronie’s disease with external penis-stretching. Dr. Colpi (Italy). Read Study.

Peyronie’s disease – latest treatment options. Mrs. Hurn (UK).Read Study.


Andropeyronie® is a safe and effective solution for penis curvature (PubMed)


Safer Results


No surgery


Reduce Discomfort


Improve your sexual life

Andropeyronie® is a penis extender device specifically developed to treat curved or bent penises and Peyronie’s disease, as well as associated penis shortening. A lot of patients around the world have used it with great success. The device is fixed onto the penis easily and it can be worn while walking, sitting, doing physically undemanding work etc (PubMed).

This medical device will help the patient achieve a reduction of penis curvature by up to 50% as well as an increase of penis length of up to 1,5 cm (0.6”) in erect and flaccid state and a girth increase of up to 1 cm (0.4”) (JSM).


Andropeyronie® is included in International Medical Protocols


YES! It is Easy to Use!

How to use based on clinical study: JSM

It is easy and discreet – designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. (PubMed)


Top Urologists recommend Andropeyronie®

doctor Faix for Peyronie disease

“I recommend this device to my patients for Peyronie’s disease…, in my experience the results achieved are very encouraging.”

Dr. Faix, Urologist, Montpellier Clinic, France

Testimonial based on a scientific study: PubMed


Dr. Hellstrom, Urologist, University of New Orleans, USA

“the efficacy and safety of penile traction devices (such as the Andropenis device from Andromedical, Madrid, Spain), for men with Peyronie’s disease and in post operative penile surgical cases to maintain or gain penile length.” Read Letter

Testimonial based on a scientific study: PubMed

Dr. Tambi, Urologist, Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Malaysia

“to patients with curved penises. Most of them have direct trauma like fractured penis, and some injured their penises during lovemaking. Plaques developed and hardened over time. I gave these patients high doses of vitamin E and suggest gradual stretching of the penis with extra tension on the bent part.” Read Letter

Testimonial based on a scientific study: PubMed


Causes & Symptoms

Peyronie’s disease is a medical disorder of which the cause is still unknown. It is characterized by fibrous bands and plaques of hard tissue appearing in the soft sponge-like tissues of the penis. It can appear at any age, but it is more common in later stages of life. Their development can hinder regular growth of penis and cause the penis to curve excessively. It is a degenerative disease and usually gets worse if not treated.

Congenital penis curvature can usually be detected already in young men, but it persists throughout one’s entire life. This condition originates because the corpus cavernosa (soft tissue inside the penis which fills with blood when penis erects) grows faster than the urethra. This causes the penis to curve downwards, upwards or to the side.
Injuries as a result of sport activities, sexual intercourse or other physically difficult activities for the penis can cause the penis to break and curve or bend.


Health & Quality Certificates

FDA for Andro-peyronie penis extender

ANDROPEYRONIE is classified as a Class 2 Medical Device by USA (FDA) and as a Class I Medical Device by Australia (ARTG), Canada (CMDCAS), Mexico (Cofepris), Russia (ФС) and Europe (CE).

ISO certificate for Andro-peyronie penis extender

ANDROMEDICAL is ISO 9001:2008 of Quality Certified, ISO13485:2012 of Medical Devices Certified and ISO 10993 of Biocompatibility.

Andropeyonie penis extender device for Peyronie disease

€199 / $199
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Andropharma Curvature

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ANDROMEDICAL is an urology laboratory with more than 20 years of experience in Peyronie’s Disease treatments (EU Health License & FDA Health License). Our values are:

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ANDROMEDICAL is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified, ISO13485:2012 Medical Devices Certified and ISO 10993 of Biocompatibility. Our medical devices have Free Sale Certificate.

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