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A simple & effective penile curvature correction (JSM)


reduce penis cruvature with Andropeyronie penile curvature extender

Reduce Penile Curvature

Correction of curved penis: up to 50% correction of penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease, injury or innate in relation to the initial situation (JSM).

increase penis lenght with Andropeyronie penile curvature extender

Increase Penis Length

Enlargement of penis: increase in length of the penis up to 1.5 cm (0.6″) in flaccid and erected state and increase in girth by up to 1 cm (0.4″) (JSM).

Safer Results with Andropeyronie penile curvature extender

Safer Results

The Peyronie’s and curvature correction treatment consists of 2 periods:

  • An adaptation period, lasting 15 days.
  • An evolution period (JSM)
easy of use with Andropeyronie penile curvature extender

Easy of use

The installation and removal of the device is very easy. The device can be worn while walking, sitting and standing. This allows the user to have a normal everyday life and work. It does not cause discomfort and it is very discreet (JSM).


Indications of Andropeyronie® Medical penis extender

What is Andropeyronie?

Andropeyronie is a medical penis extender device specifically designed to aid with curved or bent penises and Peyronie’s disease. It helps in reducing the natural penile curvature or curvatures caused by Peyronie’s disease or injury; at the same time it induces the growth of penis in length and girth (JSM).

How come I haven’t heard about this treatment before?

Until recently the only possible treatment for penile curvatures was expensive invasive and aggressive surgery which usually meant additional reduction in penis length.

How does Andropeyronie work?

The device continuously pulls the penis in the direction opposite the curvature to correct it. At the same time it stimulates the penis to grow (JSM).

How does the device make the penis grow?

This happens because of the capacity of tissues to react to a continuous traction impulse. The application of traction provokes the cells inside the penis to divide and multiply (JSM).

Does it help prevent penis shortening associated with Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease often causes penis shortening due to degeneration if not treated. Andropeyronie medical extender device not only induces correction of penis curvature caused naturally, by injury or by Peyronie’s disease, but also prevents penis shortening and stimulates penis growth (JSM).

Where else is this principle of traction used?

This traction principle is used in surgical procedures for tissue expansion (regeneration of new tissues to cover defects, burns and hair loss areas) or in orthopedics (extension of bones or healing of broken bones). It is also used in stretching body parts in various cultures around the world for elongating necks, lips, earlobes, etc.

What is the procedure of the treatment?

Andropeyronie® should be used with the penis in flaccid state. It is placed on the penis and fastened in such a way that the greater traction force is applied on the side of the penis which is opposite the curvature so the device pulls the penis into a straight position, achieving correction of the curved penis. It should be used between 8 and 9 hours per day, taking a break when needed every two hours.

What is the ideal age for the treatment?

From 18 years onward. The treatment can be done by older men as well. Our research also included men of 60 and 70 years of age and it showed traction stimulates growth of tissues at any age.

Are the results durable?

Yes, results are durable and do not diminish with time.

Will the stretching make the penis thinner?

No, the device stimulates division of cells inside the penis and so the penis grows in all directions – length as well as girth.


How to Use Andropeyronie® Medical penis extender

Will I feel pain or discomfort?

No, the extender doesn’t cause any pain. There might be slight sensation of discomfort for the first few days, until the penis gets accustomed to the device.

Should I remove the device when I go to the toilet?

Yes, when going to the toilet you should remove it.

How can I use the product without people seeing it?

The device is very discreet and almost unnoticeable. We still recommend people to wear loose clothing so the device will not be noticed.

Can I use it while I am sleeping?

As people make uncontrolled movements while sleeping, we do not recommend using Andropeyronie® while sleeping because of danger of injury to the penis. Furthermore, while sleeping you can’t make the necessary periodical rests from the treatment.

What happens if my penis becomes erect?

It depends on the erection level. If it is a soft erection, you will feel a little pressure but it should be painless. If it is hard, the extender will loosen but it will stay in its place. If you feel discomfort, remove the device until the erection passes.

Should I wear any special clothes?

We advise people to wear loose clothing, as the device might show through tight clothes.

What about if I spend a lot of time seated?

There is no problem; we only recommend making breaks more frequently.

If the device comes in contact with water will it rust? How can it be cleaned?

This product cannot rust as it is made of materials that cannot rust. We recommend the device is cleaned once a week with mild soap and water.

It is necessary to grease or lubricate the device?

It is recommended to put a little bit of oil between the 4th and the 5th part as explained in the instructions manual.

Does the device need batteries? Does it produce electric shocks?

This product is totally mechanical. It does not require batteries or electricity.


Medical Aspects of Andropeyronie® Medical penis extender

Are there any harmful side effects engaged?

No, if the patient follows the manual guide, there are no risks or harmful secondary effects. Minor abrasions are possible due to incorrect protection of the penis.

Is it possible to become sexually impotent due to the traction?

No, there are no complications due to traction.

Is penile curvature a common occurrence?

Yes, it is very common to have a slight curved penis but it does not present any problems.

Can a diabetic undergo this treatment?

Yes, a diabetic can undergo the treatment, if he is under medical supervision, and if he maintains proper hygiene of the penis.

Can I start the treatment if I have a cardiovascular problem?

Yes, there are no risks involved.

Can I start the treatment if I have varicocele, hydrocele, or prostatitis?

Medical consultation is advised.

If I have been operated on for prostate cancer, can I still undergo treatment?

No, there could be too much risk involved.

Can I start the treatment if I have any sexually transmitted disease?

No, the disease must be treated first. In any case there should be no injuries or lesions on the penis.

What about if it is a sexually transmitted disease?

We also advise further consultation with your doctor or us. In any case, do not share your device with anybody!

Is the slight pressure caused by the device harmful or painful?

No, because the device is adjusted accordingly to the size of penis and its growth. If the instructions are carried out properly, there should not be any discomfort.


Evolution of Andropeyronie® Medical penis extender

Should I go to consult a doctor before starting treatment?

It may be beneficial for patients with special medical conditions to visit a doctor before starting the Peyronie’s treatment. A doctor will have an in depth look at your treatment in order to guide you. We have a list of specialists in various countries.

Are there any specialists who can advise me regarding any questions I may have during the treatment?

We recommend you to consult your doctor. You can also get more information by using the automatic information form.

Is it possible not to get any results?

In accordance with our experience, there exists a probability of 2.5% of non-success rate.

How can I extend the device according to my needs?

In the pack, there is a manual which clearly explains how the product should be adjusted with time. Additional parts for the adjustments are included in the pack.

Should I take breaks?

Yes, you should take a break and remove the device for a few minutes every 2 hours. Yet, you do not need to follow a rigid rest period schedule but we recommend a break every 2 hours.

When the treatment is over, should I continue using the device until I obtain maximum possible results?

No, the results obtained will already be more or less the maximum, although there may be a possibility of obtaining a bit more.

Should I go to consult a doctor before starting treatment?

It may be beneficial for patients with special medical conditions to visit a doctor before starting the Peyronie’s treatment. A doctor will have an in depth look at your treatment in order to guide you. We have a list of specialists in various countries.

What will happen if I still use the product after finishing my treatment?

Sometimes, you may obtain a further increase, but not significant.

Is it necessary to use additional products like cosmetic creams or pills?

It is not necessary to use creams or pills. The results will be obtained by using only the device. Nevertheless, sometimes pills etc. can be taken as a complement to get results slightly faster.

If I have any doubt, how can I get more information?

You can get more information by using the automatic information form.


Warranties of Andropeyronie® Medical penis extender

Are there any scientific studies that prove the safety of the product and that it works?

We own various studies conducted in various clinics around the world that have shown the effectiveness and safety of this product.

Is the product officially recognized?

The product is a registered trade mark and recognized internationally. In fact, we own several patents and certifications in different countries.

What is the percentage of curvature correction?

Andropeyronie corrects penile curvature up to 50%.

What guarantees do you offer?

Andromedical offers a 14 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product and a two year warranty in the EU, one year in other countries.


Is the product tested for allergic reactions?

Yes. The product has been tested for biocompability and the materials used are hypoallergenic.


Are there many people who use the product?

There have been more than 1,000,000 men who have used the product and had success.

Is my personal data confidential?

Yes, all your personal data is kept confidential in accordance with the privicy protection laws.

What about the shipping? Is it discreet?

The shipping is kept confidential and the product is sent in a white box with no logo or description of the content on the outside.

Are the instructions easy to understand and follow?

Yes, the instructions are very well explained.

If I have any doubt, how can I get more information?

You can get more information by using our customers support.


Clinically tested: JSM

100% Satisfaction (JSM)

Money Back Guarantee

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